Follow my progress as I train for the Outlaw Triathlon in 2012


The Final Countdown – Outlaw

Well, just over a day to go before the big Outlaw Triathlon.

Watch my video here – hopefully it will give you a laugh

You can still sponsor me at

More information about the Foundation can be found at

Mick Green the Final Countdown

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The time has all most come.

Time has gone no where over the last few weeks and wow were are only days away from what will truely be a massive event.
Thanks to everybody that has helped or is helping in some way,there is still i believe helpers needed if you would like to be involved
for the KGF feed station.
A big thanks to all who are racing and collecting sponsorship for the foundation and good luck,which i also send to everbody competing.
The nutritional plan is in place, a few last minute things to sort the bike and i guess thats all thats left bar some soul searching and praying!
I am at open water tonight and really it starts from there.


T.Shirts are also available for £8.00 and wrist bans for £1.00 with all the money going to the foundation.
For anyone wanting to track me, if im pushed to say around 1.45 for the swim, 6hours ish for the bike and we will have to see after that but before 11?


Once again the very best of luck and a safe event to all.

Up Up and away.

Only 33 days till outlaw day….. and i feel brill.

In the best place since this journey began, i haven’t been set back by any injuries lately and i’m looking forward to standing by the waters edge early in the morning of the 1st of July ready to go in.

I have open water tomorrow with a bike ride


after and with foundations ride on sunday with a run off the bike.
So as you can see training has progressed to the next stage.

The Outlaw will be followed 3 days after by the 1st anniversary of karen’s death, and thats what its all about.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE we need your sponsorship to help us help people with leukaemia cancer.

Long time no see

Well what can I say training has
gone shockingly bad for I have been held back by a number of injuries? Let’s think
a close shave with a car ending up in a ditch whilst running (lol sounds funny
but it wasn’t)
 Anyway I injured my ankle, neck and shoulders,
sadly I did the wrong thing when I fell…  and I thought I could do what footy players do
and run it off so I decided to carry on running I thought I was fine till a
couple of hours later whilst at work  I suddenly
was in able to walk. After many appointments with marius I’m feeling a little
better and am on my way to getting back properly into training.
After 2 weeks of rest finely I cocked
my leg back over the bike and dived into the pool but running is still unknown.
Swimming killed as I was in bad condition
through my ankle hurting and so did the bike as I was heavy strapped whilst
Today I did 64.5 miles non-stop on
my own in the vale of beaver, sadly still with my ankle strapped but I do feel
that this is a turning point as I have been lately very weak mined about outlaw
as for I have only got around 10 weeks till race day………. OMG
That’s me up to date regarding
Ellie’s birthday came and went
and as the national uni champs at wales track came round. Matt did fab and so
did the rest of the team as matt came home with 1 gold and a bronze not bad. ellie
and jenni loved it and can’t wait till next time they can’t stop talking about
the funny times like when matt came and woke them up in there bed and then when
the boys mini bus door fell off at pizza hut funny times. Matt is one of many
who have kept me believing in myself.
Took the girls and my niece Sarah
to see jls as my sister and brothering law got the girls tickets for their
birthdays it was amazing especially we was In as a box.
over the Easter break me and my girl’s
did my room up in guess what colour lime green and teal it has turned out
brilliant and I now can’t wait to get to bed
Mick x






Gone to the Dogs

I write this with a smile on my face as the last three weeks training has been positive.

The bike has not seen the road during this period, the Elite emotion rollers I ride have done a fair bit.
The rollers have a floating front roller which makes getting out of the saddle  smooth and safe.
With 3 setting for resistance it ticks the boxes for me.
So with my Ipod on and plenty of fluid away you go.
The shortest session I have done has been an hour, this with 5×3 minute intervals.
A warm up and down and some tempo riding in between.

The running has been mainly treadmill work that has increased to again an hour.
The swimming- I must say I am really looking forward to some open water,this will be a new experience really although I have swam at Les Stables open water but this in beautiful sunshine and in the most fantastic setting.
Hi to both Mark and Sibs if you’re reading this.

A week as yesterday I was the guest of honour at Mapperley Cycling Clubs prize presentation.
The Mapperley and I have had a close relationship since they reformed in the mid eighties.
A great time that was for me and the club.
Today the club is very strong on the time trial front and has a rich vein of talented riders.
Shaun Eden at the top of the pile.
A friend of mine and long standing customer Steve Plester gets quicker each year and did two 55 minute 25 time trials this year at 50 years of age.
And not to forget the helpers in the back ground that keep the club going.
After my talk down memory lane which nearly had me going a time or two.
Steve Lloyd came as my guest and touched upon “The karen Green Foundation” there was many people that new Karen well.
Of course her brother Steve who is a Mapperley member.
Thanks very much for honour,the girls and my mum had a fab time.
Thanks Andy.

The Monday following this another 4 hour ride was the plan but again due to the weather this wasn’t possible.
So yet another roller session.
This beginning to get to me  ,3 hours my mindset as you often fall short.
I rode for 2 then decided to have a steady run cross country and did an hour.
This the first time other than indoor running since my achilies problem.
Loved every minute of the run to be outside in the beautiful snow covered countryside was ace.
Ellie had her pot off this week,although she had a slight reaction to this was ok.

With core strength work fitted in before bed and balance work that Carl Sturgon had given me, a session with my foam roller everyday.
This backed up weekly with my mate Marius who looks after my body, with everything from a traped nerve to problems in my shoulder.
And has sorted my achiles,all this has made a huge difference to the way I feel.

Friday was an Absolute Tri night out at the Nottingham Greyhound Stadium, with proceeds going to Karen’s Foundation.
I had never been before and with Ellie, Jenni and my mum off we went.
We had a great night we ended around even in the betting the girls just seeing the wins!
Great night Ami and thanks to everyone who came making this possible.

Yesterday I decided to run to work and walk back around 6 mile each way,it was -7 but a lovely morning.
It was great a new pair of cross shoes I just couldn’t wait.
Arrived at work a little late as I was setting off my ruck sack zip slit I looked back down our road to see my jeans and things littering the floor.
A good day at work, I was to leave around 5.30 and then the walk home again very cold but togged up I set off on to my adventure home cross country in the snow lit clear night sky it was brill.

Who knows in 5 months I just might be able to say I am a bit of a triathlete.

Just before I sign out please remember the launch of Karens foundation on the 26th feb thanks again to Jayne, Colin, Steve everyone that is helping and contributing to


this great cause.


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Good to be back

As I write this on Friday afternoon 20th Jan between a bike fit I’ve
just done and awaiting a meeting with a rep.
I’m feeling a lot better nearly 2 weeks on from my last blog.
Slowly but surely the training is feeling ok.
Three gentle runs on the treadmill and no Achilles flair ups.
Three swims and the stroke is coming, standing in the same shower as the black out day it came to me why the same toilet and the same shower if free?
Must be a creature of habit! or freak!
Four roller sessions one 2 hours long as couldn’t do the road.
They brought memories back and l loved it.
The rollers with resistance a lot different to the ones we warmed up with at the track years ago.
These have 3 settings and are great for a full work out rather just spinning.
Still havent forgiven Ellie for interrupting my monday work out, conditions too icy to ride so no risks rollers.
Twenty minutes in phone from Ellie’s Grandma – Ellie has broken her arm in PE.
End of session.
Today’s plan is a swim looks like being this evening approx hour.
Been told we are out tonight so bike late before bed.
Early swim and a run after work is the Sat sessions.
RestSsunday for major house tidy and bring on Monday’s bike just cannot wait.
Love you really Ellie. …..and Jenni on School trip all togged for the crap weather. Hope your loving it Jen xx.
Some where in between the vat!!!!


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A new start.

The girl’s safely at school.
Im excited  my bikes awaiting in the kitchen cleaned ready to go.
Two bottles of psp a couple gels im ready and primed,sounds like a race.
Steve, Simon, Chris already on the road picking up me around 10 oclock.
Today my plan is to have a little warm up before they arrive as the legs havent turned for a month.
Few laps around Calverton feeling better thank god the further i ride.
They are all in good spirit the first time we have all made it together.
The sun shining it was mild what a great day.
2.5 hours later we arrive at the cafe in Southwell town centre, smart place excellent food.
A definate fuel stop for me my eyes rather red as had to dig deaper than intended.
A double macearta”hey Matt”at little sugar,  poached egg and kipper on toast that was out of this world.
I was ready for the home leg.
Straight out of the cafe Chris with his new found cycling legs getting fitter by the week and looking more the pro was driving up oxton bank into a slight headwind.
Im tucked in sitting on well.
Over the top decided that im going to soft pedal home.
It was great to be out again thanks loved it .


                                Chris Woods

Behind closed doors

Firstly a belated Happy new years from me and karens foundation.
Since the last blog things have been a mess.
Too many late nights… not partying.
Followed by too many early starts.
The day in question not a great breakfast,  forgot s.i.s.
A tough swim session for me although chuffed how i had gone.
I then went in the sauna for 5 minutes then to the showers.
It was then i felt faint, i sat down and blacked out.
Thanks to David Morenzo at the Nuffield for his help and concern.
And of course Tim for fetching me home.
Christmas was a success and enjoyable.
Christmas eve spent at home.
Christmas day afternoon at karens sisters.
Boxing day afternoon at my sisters, with a tense evening of Monoply….
The girls had a great christmas thanks to everyone.
After a small hitch we went caravaning at Teversal.
Chris and Jayne Woods own the site which is one of the best in the country.
Chris my mate in full training for the Outlaw.
Athough the weather was bad we had a really nice time,but no training.
My Mums birthday a memorable evening at chungs was had by all.
Jennis birthday came along and with her friend Layla and Ellies friend Emm we went to see Alvin and the chip munks chip wreck.
Then T.G.I.Fridays for burgers it was a special night.
Last night as though they new i came home from work knackered.
Ellie and Jenni had cooked our evening meal, the restaurant they had called themselves EJ,s.
I was treated to soup followed by home made Lasagne and Scones.
This was out if this world.
This was followed by a clock round sleep just what the doctor ordered.
So today pack away the last of the decks,changed christmas bedding.
Packed away loads of clothes multiple wash loads and now about to make tea.
So still feeling not quite myself a month of no training, is coming to an end.
Tommorow with coach Steve Lloyd Simon Macarthy Chris and possibly Matt Fostun.
We are out on the bikes for those guys 4 hours and me 2 ish.
We will have to see what happens.
For all of you that are doing the Outlaw for Karens charite a massive thank you.
Its not to late yet to be apart of something very special.


Me Ellie and Jenni.


Mums Birthday at Chungs.

A Ride in the Rain

Hour and half in the rain, the plan a little further, but gets me back into training as have missed a couple of days.

Better keep that quiet.

Going through between Lamley and Woodborough , my phone rang it was dark, but my trusted HTC was well lit up.

Hit a pot hole full of water as it was pooring down and bang  all over the floor !

The phone that is….

Wasn’t happy but all back together and still working.

Team Green

Well hey, what a crazy time almost five months have gone by since Karen died!

How are we doing? I’m asked on a regular basis …….

Good is the reply … full on Karen Green type of answer

Bless her!

The girls are doing great both Ellie and Jenni an absolute credit to Karen me and all the family.

I had the pleasure of meeting many of Ellie’s teachers and also Jenni’s and they are doing really well at School, a big hurdle that they are handling really well.

I cannot begin to feel their loss, their Mum the most special person on the planet to them and me.

Mum always with them, always doing things for them,

I would get a call after school, Hi Dad we are at Chatsworth, Mum thought it would be nice to bring us and visit one of her favourite places.

Flying around the village rainbow hunting, the girls did this lots of times, also sitting watching the night sky with the roof down on Emma Karen’s Beetle cab.

Sitting in the stables at Bestwood early winter watching the girls horse ride, not well and freezing never a moan.

Mum the first they spoke to in the morning the last at night, what about me… well yes I was there but I’m Dad………… not Mum.

As time goes on girls some of Mum will rub off on me as some of Mum has already moved into you!

For me, I miss her so much ……… but I was always going to, my Babe my love, the inspiration to lots that I’ve done and will continue to do.

When things are rough the girls are there to pick me up, just as Karen was , we are a team and will play out our lives with a smile and all what was dreamt about by Karen and the girls will happen Karen will make sure of that.

I want to give something back to people’s lives that are touched by Leukaemia that can help them deal with things better, some way.

So the Outlaw, a challenge when is the right time to do an iron man? I read in a book” never was the answer !”

2.8 mile open water swim, 112 mile bike ride and a full marathon.

I wanted do something that is worthy of people showing an interest and support, I spoke to Steve Lloyd my mate  and now coach, we decided it had to be an Ironman.

But some say you’ve done triathlon that will be easy, the implication. I have done one nearly 4 years ago and ow yes it was a super sprint 400 metres pool based 10 mile bike and a 5 k run.

So Boy this is a little different, i am fit medically but I haven’t trained in those 4 years and that means not a ride to work or jog nothing.

Can the training be fitted around work,washing ,cleaning, cooking and everything you can care to think of, we will see.

Over the coming months I will let you know just how the training is coming along, if I said my intension was to get round, then 3 weeks into training I had a changed mind-set of I want to do this as quick as I can, I’ll show a few ?

Now 9 weeks along I am thinking my god I just pray that I can do this!

Please the more followers and helpers and of course people wanting to take part, fund raising the bigger the impact on the lives of the needed.

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